Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Contest Rings

While at the Southern Bead Retreat, the participants were given baggies of these wonderful black rings.  We were told it was a contest.  Our mission, should we decide to accept, was to use these rings to make something lovely and beaded!!!  Here are the pictures of my progress!  I hope the contest sponsers, The Beadcage in Columbus, GA enjoy seeing this post.  If you would like to order some rings to make your own necklace or just try your hand at beading them, just contact

Just trying out my design before beading it.  I kind of like this idea!

Done.  Below you can see the whole necklace and the closure.  I hid snaps inside the triangle!

I call this necklace Royal Rings.  To find out more about it, please visit my Beaders' Showcase spot.