Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Green All Around

What's with all the green?  I'll bet that's the question you are asking if you saw my latest Etsy offerings. To make a long story even longer, let me start at the beginning!!!

This month's EBW Team's Challenge is "Spring around the Corner".  I was inspired!!!  Looking out of the window in front of my beading studio desk, I could see all the trees budding green.  The greens varied in hue and shade!  It was lovely!  I also had purchased a ceramic face from Marty Thurman (Laughing Dog Studio) that had a green tint to it.  The face actually looked like it was yawning!!  Spring Awakening!!!!  Oh what whimsy!

I used the face as a bead embroidery pendant!  I loved it, but what kind of neck strap to use.  First, I tried a lacy look that just didn't feel substantial enough for the it became a bracelet!

Next, I had this elaborate idea of dual herringbone ropes of differing green colors with a string of beads between.  The herringbone ropes were easy!  How in the world was I going to put strung beads between them?  Not a clue!  After many trials and ERRORS (that, of course, had to be frog stitched out), I finally had an idea of how to progress.  Surprisingly, my idea worked; HOWEVER, when I went to hang the pendant, the dual ropes sagged and rippled in on themselves!!!!  Horror of horrors!!! 

Without the pendant the ropes hung a new necklace was formed!!!

Still, I had a pendant without a neck strap. I made beaded beads and thought that would work, but I did not have enough of the lime 3mm I was stuck yet again!!! But I made these wonderful earrings!!

I asked friends for ideas....I was desperate!!!  A friend suggested a spiral rope.  I thought about that idea for a while and then decided to do a flat spiral.  I really liked the way my challenge piece turned out!!!  Plus, I had all these new pieces of jewelry to list!!!

How's that for an  answer to the question of all the green?  I sure hope someone out there likes green!!!!!