Monday, April 21, 2014

Overactive Muse

I have seen several designers post about their Muses going on vacation!  Sometimes, I wish mine would!  It seems as though I have an overactive Muse!  I can't even finish one thing without having tons of inspirations as to how to do other things!  Because of this Muse Overactivity, I have many designs awaiting instruction writing.

Typically, I tend to leave these designs out on my worktable!  Thank goodness my table takes up a whole wall of my studio!  The designs were distracting me so unfortunately, I have had to start putting them away....but that leads to forgetting about them!  Somehow the designs need to stay foremost in my mind!!!

One thing that tends to figure greatly in this lack of timely instruction writing is also the short attention span of my interest in a specific design!  I have a tendency to figure out some design (Afterall, its all about solving problems!), and then moving on to the next idea!!  I am always seeking something new and exciting!  I wonder what psychologists would say about that?!

Another thing that impairs my ability to be timely in writing instructions is my short short term memory!  If I don't write/draw a design idea when it hits me, I forget about it!  Therefore, I have lots of notes that I have to save for later to try out ideas!  There just simply is not enough time to do it all!!!

In trying to figure out how to deal with this issue, I have posed the question of having someone else write instructions for me!  But then I think of the time involved in having to explain how I would like the instructions written and how to actually bead the design, not to mention the cost of hiring someone who would actually want to do something like this!

I wish my Muse would be interested in a vacation for a week or two so I could get more instructions written!!  I hope you have enjoyed looking at my newer designs awaiting my time to write the instructions!!!
Happy beading!!