Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Working through Design Issues

A good cohesive design is not only about choosing colors that look good together, but is about a whole slew of checkpoints that must work together.  One of these checkpoints is wear ability!  Here is a beautiful bracelet I made incorporating two hole Hex beads.  If you notice the hex pattern is used around the Cabs along each side of the bracelet. This is the repeating patterns that is a part of good cohesive design.  But the bracelet does not lay flat when worn. The RounDous bunch forward.  It is not a tension issue but a design issue. So it is not a good cohesive design!

                        Notice the RounDuos are bunched forward in this photo.

Here I have fixed the issue with the RounDuos by somewhat changing the thread paths.  Now they lay flat, but I used so much thread that I could not get the edge beading in.  On this design, which is very pretty, the cab motifs tend to flop forward because they are not attached to the center beadwork.  So now the RounDuo bunching issue is fixed but there is another issue with too much thread so I can't get the cab motifs attached so they will lay flat.

Here is the final bracelet.  It is made totally differently from the first two bracelets.  The thread paths are different and actually easier!  It makes up more quickly that the previous two bracelet designs. This is the keeper!  The RounDuos lay flat, thread does not fill up the beads, and the cab motifs are attached.  Making a good cohesive design takes a lot of thought and trial and error!!  Designers have to be patient and never give up when designing!!

Happy beading everyone!!!
Norma Jean