Monday, February 7, 2011

Del Signore Medallion


When trying to find an inspiration for this month's Etsy Beadweavers Challenge "A Touch of Royality",  I decided to look at my husand's family tree.  According to documented research done in the past, my husband is in direct line to become the Baron of Aquila.  Sounds great, but unfortunately that's about all there is.  The family lost everything during a serf uprising. 
In 1557, Luigi Del Signore (shortened to Dell when the family came to America) married Lorinda Di Medici (yes THAT Medici family) and he became the first Baron of Aquila, due in part to his gallantry in the defense of Firenze (Florence, Italy). My figure of inspiration is Lorinda Di Medici, the first Baroness of Aquila. I have used my imagination to depict what I would think to be the Del Signore Medallion.

In making this medallion, I used cubic right angle weave to bezel the rivoli.  Getting the curve just right was a problem.  Yes, I did take it apart many times. The shield shape was also made with cubic right angle weave.  I just played around with the shape until I arrived at the finished product.

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