Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stud Bracelet

I love this bracelet!  It takes around an hour to make so you can wear it the day you make it!!  Below the photos you will find jpegs that show the complete directions on how to make your own Stud Bracelet!  Please enjoy and give me the design credit when you share your own version!!!  Thank you all for supporting me!  Happy beading!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Bit of Organization Goes a Long Way

A little bit of organization goes a long way!  I have a large table area for beading which frequently (everyday) looks like this:

The above photo shows where I sit to actually bead.  I have my music there and all the other beading items at hand.  Moving slightly to the left is this area.

I use it to stack the pieces I am currently working on.  I get bored, frustrated, or loose sight of a design so I just box it up and set the beading mats here for later use, hoping inspiration comes quickly.  You will also notice that I use a lot of late post it notes for lists, design, or just notes on what I am working on.

Moving further to the left is this area:

Here I have more storage for projects that I need more time to figure out what to do with.  Some I even leave on my paper mat just so I can see them and keep them currently in my memory! 

Now for the important part...Can you see the plastic containers in the photo above?  They are my organization idea that I wanted to show you.  There is a larger one to the top right of photo.   Inside it  are several more smaller ones.

 Here is a close up of the larger container with the smaller ones inside.  These containers are made to hold and organize photos.  You can get them in the size as above that contain 6 smaller boxes or a larger size that contain many more.  I do have some of the larger ones but I do not keep them out on my beading table.

Here is a photo of one of the individual photo containers opened.  I like this storage solution because my post it note paper fits nicely inside the box along with the sample project.  The bead containers I use fit inside as well.  They can also be stacked with your bead mat so that nothing gets lost.  All the materials needed are right there.

These containers can be purchased at just about any hobby/craft store!  I can't remember how much they cost because I have had them for so long and reuse them all the time!

Happy beading!!

Stay tuned...I am working on a freebie beading pattern to be posted here!