Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Learnings from One Master

Taking classes from some of the masters can be real inspiration!  I finally finished Huib Petersen's 'Russian Summer' that I started in August at the Southern Bead Retreat.  It turned out wonderful and I learned many new things!!! Huib used color combinations that I would not have used, plus he makes Russian leaves different from me!  The Russian leaves are very ingeniously made, especially the way he connects the tops together.  The star flowers used an interesting 3D approach that I found could be incorporated into making other items. After finishing 'Russian Summer', I was chomping at the bit wanting to use some of my new learning in making my own designs.  Below you will notice the necklace with the captured cabochon.  I used Huib's 3D approach to embellish the cabochon with drops that fit nicely inside the lacy bead embellishment.

I loved Huib's star flowers but wanted to change them to make them more blingy so I added a crystal rivoli and matching bicones.  Here is a photo of a necklace where I used these new star flowers.  Also, notice the Russian leaves.  You can see how different they are from Huib's.

Currently, I am working on a new bracelet using a modification of my new star flower.  I have three links done but I wanted to post these photos to show how one idea can morph into many different designs. 

Learnings gathered from the master beaders can push your own beadweaving into a higher more evolved level.  I encourage everyone to take classes and continue to learn.  I am off to finish my bracelet and then maybe finish Cynthia Rutledge's kit that I started in August.  I wonder what new learnings will come then!!!