Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing with Beads

I have been playing....I know I have tons to do, but playing with beads is more fun!!  I learn so much.  Here are some of my creations.  You will notice that nothing is complete!  Enjoy!

netting with embellishment

netted beads

back of triangle weave bezel

front of triangle weave bezel

new channel bracelet idea

my donut...what will I ever do with it?

three bead herringone

RAW beads

leaf chain

large flower

small flower

I now have to figure out how to combine some of these ideas to make beautiful wearable jewelry!  No more playing with beads for a while, though.  Laundry, photographing, downloading ETSY pieces, and about ten other things are calling me!!!


  1. I saw a brooch for your donut if you can get a pin clasp to fit on the top part--don't know the scale of the donut...on a navy blue or beige suit jacket.

  2. Love the donut and leaf chain especially. Very impressive play. Keep playing, I say!!!