Monday, December 14, 2015

2016 Preview

It has been a year since I posted last!  At the beginning of this year my husband and I took a leadership role in a social club to which we belong.  It was very time consuming and something had to give. Well, blogging gave!!  I had little time to bead as well, but did manage somewhat!  Now that the year is almost over, things have slowed down!  So I have been beading quite a bit!

I want to give you guys a heads up about some of my new tutorial designs that will be appearing early 2016 in my Etsy shop!  I am so excited to show these....

                                         Kisses and Diamonds Forever

This design uses Dome beads, little button beads, and rocaille seed beads.  A friend who owns a bead shop sent me the button beads so that I could explore!  I hope she enjoys this design!

Triumvirate Crest

I used 10X8mm mounted crystals with crystal bicones and rocaille seed beads to create this crest design. I found the mounted crystals at Bead & Button this past year and fell in love with them.  So you will probably see more designs by me using them.

Thoraxian Stars

Thoraxian Stars is a reversible necklace that uses two hole crescent beads, glass pearls and rocaille seed beads.  This is my second favorite of my new designs.  I really love the Crescent beads!

Valor Bracelet

This bracelet design uses the two hole cabs, crystal bicones, and rocaille seed beads. The luminous quality of the two hole cabs gives this design the necessary sheen, but makes it hard to photograph.

Thorbardin Bracelet

Thorbardin uses Delicas and rocaille seed beads.  This is my favorite design so far!!  It is a layered bracelet and looks rich and regal.

Nexus Blossoms

This is one design that I am still working on.  I do not like the spacing between the blossoms and hopefully I will think of a better way to connect them.  The bracelet is made with two hole RounDuos (found at Potomac Beads), crystal rivolis, and rocaille seed beads. I like the RounDuos and how they add texture to this design.

I hope you enjoy these new designs and continue to follow me!!
Norma Jean


  1. Nice beadwork Norma. I'm drooling all over my iPad. Lol

  2. They all are Beautiful, I want them all. I just want to make them for my self. I love the ones I make, I only make jewelry for me. And I Love yours. I am not good on patterns But I am learning. You will have to tell me where to get the beads because I am no where near a bead store.I live in a little town in Kentucky !

  3. Very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing more of you in 2016.

  4. Love Thorbardin. I'm heading south for 6 mo. in January. I like to take a few kits/patterns with me. There is no bead store where I'm going (I know!), so I have to bring all my supplies with me. When will your tutorial be ready?

  5. Thank you all! I am traveling a bit in January so my tutorial writing will be very slow then. I will be working as fast as I can on getting these tutorials out!! I hope that in the meantime, you will check out my Etsy shop!! Happy beading!!