Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Tester for Fleur de la Mer Instructions

I love beading, but writing is not my favorite thing to do!  I love designing new pieces, and I love teaching others to bead.  So, it's just natural that I have to write instructions for my designs, especially if I teach them!

Unlike many artists, I do not have a degree in art...I taught kindergarten instead!  Granted kindergarten teachers do focus on art but only with gobs of glue and dolops of paint!  Trying to take acceptable photos and then using a drawing program to make diagrams that are easily understood by others was not a part of the kindergarten curriculum.  All of this, I have had to learn on my own!  I did have some help from my two college age kids, but my mind doesn't work like theirs does...thank goodness!

It has taken me over a month (life did interfer) to write the directions for Fleur de la Mer!  It is a large piece and that requires more written instruction.  Now that I am done, I would like to have the instructions tested by someone who is not an accomplished beader. 

I had a wonderful tester, but she decided to get pregnant, leaving no time for beading!  (I'm very happy for's her first!  Good luck, Kim!)  So if there is anyone out there who would like to volunteer to test Fleur de la Mer, please leave me a message!


  1. I would be happy to test it if you want, have a nice day!!

  2. Thank you for offering but someone beat you to it! I'll keep you in mind for the next time!
    Norma Jean