Sunday, November 27, 2011


Inspiration can come from many sources.  When I received my copy of Woman's Day, I knew I had to make the paper straw wreath that emblazoned the cover of the magazine. 

I chose beads as my medium...fancy that!  Red and white tiny size 15/0 seed beads were chosen.  I used CRAW as the stitch of choice for the arms of the wreath.  Red Swarovski 3mm bicones were used to tip each arm.  The arms flopped around so I decided to add more stability.  In so doing, the tiny wreath transformed into a beautiful peppermint snowflake.  I used 4mm crystal rounds and bicones with the tiny seed beads to connect each arm.  I am very proud of my finished piece!!!  Do you think I should make instructions for this?


  1. You should be proud of this - it turned out beautiful. What a great way to interpret something into your medium. I think instructions for this would be a hit.

  2. I know it would sparkle less, but can you substitute Czech glass beads easily for the crystals? If so, it might make it more affordable for people to decorate their house with at the holidays. Can't quite tell the size/scale to determine where it could be used.

    The magazine might even include a photo/link to your shop in their letters to the editor/readers column.

    Hard to believe they still publish this magazine. I feel really old.

  3. Wow, came across this as I was searching for beaded snowflake patterns. I think you should make instructions. This is beautiful.