Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Using Peanut Beads in a Design

I was at White Fox Bead Studio the other day and the owner was working on a bracelet she was making out of the new peanut beads.  I was struck by how the beads laid.  So I bought some and started experimenting!

I cannot do CRAW with these beads!  So I tried simple RAW; it worked!  Then I added more rows.  Still working!

I put this gray bit aside and went back to the pink beads.  I decided to add more types of beads to add contrast to the look of the peanut beads.  Here is what I came up with.  A chunky flower!

Notice the gray leaves poking out from each side of the flower.  This was the first part of my experimenting!  I made leaves from the gray peanuts.  I combined these leaves with the flowers by using sparkly crystal bicones.
 I made several flowers and experimented with connections.  Here is my first connection.  It was too tight with too many beads!  But I did like the look of it!

I ripped and re-beaded.  Here is the next connection.  I'm not certain I like it.  There is too much space in the X meeting of the beads.  I liked the first connection better!
I'll keep working on the connection for a while.  I would like to make a necklace and possibly a bracelet using these chunky flowers!  I'll post more photos when I'm done!!  Happy beading!!!


  1. I like it all!! Nice work! I just took a class with Marcia Decoster using peanuts in RAW for a necklace strap--I REALLY like the look. I'm really impressed with your design sense--the flowers are lovely--I can't wait to try! Thanks for the inspiration!