Sunday, December 4, 2011


I took my first Kumihimi class on Saturday a week ago at White Fox Bead Studio.  It was offered by the author of this book, Anne Dilker.  The class was designed for beading students who wanted to learn how to use seed beads in Kumihimo.  Anne works with BeadSmith and is a potter.  She has developed many kumi techniques.  I felt lucky to have had her as a teacher!

I chose two size 8/0 seed beads that were similar in color but with different finishes.  One bead has a picasso finish while the second bead has more of a luster finish.  We started with four strands of thread and added the beads on each end of the four strands.  These strands were placed on the Kumihimo board and we began the weaving!  It was lots of fun!!!  Here is what my bracelet looked like.

When the weaving was done, we learned how to add the end caps to complete our bracelet.
Now all that was left was for me to let the end caps set for 24 hours and then add my closure.  I chose a sterling silver ball hook closure, which made the bracelet a little too long for my wrist, but looks great!  It'll make a nice gift for someone!

This was a wonderful learning experience!  I would recommend this class or any class of Anne's to anyone.  Her book is completely packed with information as are her Utube videos.

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