Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Another Design Issue

This is Nexus Blossom Bracelet.  It is made with RounDuos and seed beads that surround a rivoli to make a crystal flower.   The photo below shows the bracelet flat.  It is a beautiful design, but there is a problem!

I made this late last year, but did not like the way it sat on my wrist. I loved the flowers but the connection between the flowers was too large causing the flowers to lay far apart, which looked funny when it curved around my wrist.

After many explorations with different connections, I finally came up with this new version.  While this colorway is different, perhaps you can see that the flower connections are shorter so the flowers are closer together.  This bracelet version lays very nicely on the wrist.

Here is a photo of the two bracelets side by side so the flower connectors' size can be compared!  I am off now to start writing the tutorial for the final version of Nexus Flowers Bracelet!!

Look for it soon in my Etsy shop!!  Happy Beading!!
Norma Jean


  1. I do love version two. Very lovely, and the colors are favorite blue!