Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Using only Metallic Finish Beads in a Design

In writing up the tutorial for Grotto Flower, I decided to challenge myself to try and use only metallic finish seed beads.  It is typically not a good design idea, but I wanted to see if I could!

In the original design I used solid color, color lined, metallic, and AB finish beads and was very happy about the way it turned out!

When I made the second colorway, I focused on using similar shades with different finishes.  The matte green really set off the petals of the large flower. The bronze added a needed deep shade to anchor the greens. This color version is my favorite!

My first challenge in using only metallic finish beads was determining the colorway!  I chose a split complement design.  The general colors were violet, yellow, and green.   I chose Miyuki #4220 Galvanized eggplant as my violet, Miyuki #4205 (DB #1835) Zest as my yellow, and Miyuki #465 Dark Green Iris as my green.

As you can see all seed beads are metallic.  They do have the same shiny consistency which doesn't really help the eyes to settle on one part.  The colors do help though.  If I were to do this colorway again I would use a Delica that matched the Dark Green Iris, which would bring the dark shade in around the lilac center gumdrop bead in each flower motif.

Now which one of these three is your favorite?  This design tutorial will be released soon in my Etsy shop and you can try your own colorway!!!

Happy beading!!
Norma Jean

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